Weekends are always fun and it's our pleasure to see you...
Rock & Rose

Weekends are always fun

​​and it's our pleasure to see you!

​​Good food is what you want... we've developed a menu that has something for everyone! British, Asian and Mediterreanean influences.
Rock & Rose
Rock & Rose

​​​​​The weekend is when the fun starts .. our Sunday roast lamb for two is simply the best ... we’re not bragging, it just is !
Weekends are when the fun starts!
Adam B, top mixologist has taken the classic gin and tonic to the next level

And always a happy ending...​​
Rock & Rose
Rock & Rose
Love from,

The Rock Team x​​​​
106 - 108 Kew Road Richmond TW9 2PQ
T: (020) 8948 8008
E: talk@rockandroserestaurant.co.uk
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